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Book Review: Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier

Son of the Shadows - Juliet Marillier

It turns out I didn’t like Son of the Shadows very much at all. I mean, what is that all about? I loved Daughter of the Forest. I loved it with an unholy, feels-making love. In direct contrast, the majority of my thoughts concerning Son of the Shadows can be firmly pinned down in the “World of No” camp of bookish opinions.


The main character in this sequel is Liadan, the daughter of Sorcha, who was Marillier’s original protagonist in the first novel. While I loved and adored her mother, Liadan for me was just…blah. Basically, Liadan is this SUPER angst person who's also super special because she has the ability to alter the “pattern” of life. I don’t know. So she has free will while all the other characters are just trodding down the path set out for them by some mysterious higher power? What. (*cough* Mary Sue *cough*)


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