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Upon finishing The Darkest Heart...

Everyone see that cover? Good. That is 100% the reason I picked up this bodice-ripping cross-racial romance from the good year 1989. Oh yeah. I fully expected not to like it, but I couldn't resist. Could not resist. 


Basically, this is some truly great snarkbait. Huge, HUGE emphasis on rape over the course of the text.


1. The heroine's "No" is proven to actually mean "Yes"—typical, of course she was just playing "hard to get" right?


2. When she loses her virginity it doesn't hurt, and they proceed to go at it like rabbits (about 12 times within the firs 24 hours after losing said virginity). MAGIC.


3. The love interest's kiss is described as follows: "He proceeded to violently rape her with his tongue." (told you, lots of rape imagery)


4. My personal favorite, the love interest says this: "It's not possible for a man to rape his own wife."


5. Also: RACISM. Whoa buddy.


So. Yeah. I could go on, but nah. Too many other books, you know? A